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Welcome to the Mindful Musician

Greaaaat another young person here to preach about their mindfulness journey…right? WRONG. Kinda…Not really?

I used to cringe any time I heard mindfulness. Truth be told, it still makes me want to gag sometimes. Mindfulness, along with many other coping mechanisms, has been force-fed to our society and I think we're all missing out on some pretty badass pieces of it...the pieces that don't make profitable marketing ploys...that is, your OWN experience.

I’ve just recently opened my mind to meditation and mindfulness practices and have found that it has completely expanded my ability to get creative. You should know that my biggest love in life is music--it’s my passion, my drive, my motivator, my oxygen--and in navigating that (often complicated) relationship, I’ve been motivated to find ways to keep my creative process from being burnt out. I'm talking writer's block, procrastination, and utter dread when thinking about sinking your teeth into a project. I work a full time job, I’m studying for a business and law degree, and I'm pursuing a career in the music industry, and oh, FREAKING COVID HAS TURNED THE WORLD UPSIDE DOWN. Not only do these things drain my energy, they drain my creative processes. And when the creativity spark dies out, things get rough.

This is me...casually captured in an enchanted forest in nothing but perfect makeup, jewelry, a massive sunburn on my chest, and a see through dress to keep me warm...

This picture was taken to promote my latest single release, Set Me Free (shameless plug...go listen to it!!). If you're trying to or interested in making a living off your artistry, you know that sometimes your craft can be overshadowed by the image and branding that comes along with it. It's so easy to lose touch with your WHY, no matter who you are, what you do, where you came from. This picture actually represents reconnecting with my WHY (music). And though, yes it is staged, this past year, connecting with nature has grounded and guided me through the most tumultuous year I've experienced. That's the piece I want to share with you...but feel free to take a few extra moments to look at my...eyes before continuing to scroll.

This is also me....

I'm trying to get back to how she lived--unapologetically, whimsically, curiously, and playfully...the perfect breeding ground for effortless creativity. Long story short, I need to start listening to my inner child again coz this adulting thing is boring as hell and SUCH a mind screw. Where's the fun and carelessness?!

There is so much information out there that can deviate you from staying in touch with yourself and finding what you need from the tools available to you. We all look for prescriptions when we think we've veered off what's considered to be a favourable, "normal" path, when really, that's just the human existence. NO TWO PEOPLE LIVE THE SAME EXPERIENCE. YOU WILL NEVER LIVE THE SAME EXPERIENCE TWICE. Let's all take a breathe, check in with ourselves, and ask yourself what you NEED today.

Lately, I've been finding that my mind needs time to recharge. How the hell do I recharge my mind?!?! Like many this past year, I've hit some lows. I've been struggling to get my creative mojo back. I'm a control freak. When I acknowledge these things, I try to find solutions as fast as possible. But through different practices, I've come to find that my brain just wants me to SHUT UP and LISTEN. Anyways, enough about me...we'll get to more about me soon enough.

Consider this blog as a resource for your creative mind when it might not be igniting as fiercely as it used to. I’ll be sharing a range of things with you--from daily practices, to foods that fuel my brain--that get me back to tip top creative shape. I’ll leave it to you to decide if anything is worth your exploration. THIS ISN'T A PRESCRIPTION. If anything, I hope that some of what I share inspires you to explore that beautiful mind of yours a little bit more than you did yesterday.

Please feel free to add comments below and share your own experiences, I'm looking for any and all opportunities to connect with you wonderful humans!

Talk soon,


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